Audition Information

Join us for auditions on Tuesday, September 10!


See below for more information or reach out via our "contact us" page to be added to the email list!




Tuesday, September 10th, 7:00 pm




Meet in the lobby of the Music Annex. From there, you will be escorted to the audition room.



What to prepare?

  • Two songs: 1 verse + 1 chorus of each

  • Scales – we may ask you to sing scales to test your range



Be prepared to provide us a list of your past music and performance experience as well as a rating of your skills in piano and vocal percussion.



Make sure to choose songs that really make your voice shine. We encourage you to prepare at least one popular song (this includes Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop, Alternative, Country, etc.) though Broadway songs are still appreciated and may be used as your 2nd song, especially if it particularly shows off your voice. Please do not prepare any classical arias or art songs.



What should you expect?

Auditions will be closed to the public. You will be performing for all LF members during your audition. We will ask you to state your name, major, hometown and year in school. You may then request a starting pitch if necessary and go on to sing your song. You may be asked to sing another song and/or sing scales.



Don’t be nervous!! Each member of this group has gone through the audition process and fully understands how nerve-racking it can be. Know that we are all on your side rooting for you to do your best!